Fallout 4 trophies revealed and Paris Games Week

Fallout 4 trophies revealed and Paris Games Week

The Fallout 4 trophies have been exposed. They let in on a lot of information, for example what story missions to expect, the fact you will be able to collect Bobbleheads (like in Fallout 3), or that you can play holotape games. Nice! A list of the trophies can be viewed right here, so don’t wait any longer and take a look!

As we speak, the Paris Games Week has begun (officially from October 28 till November 1). Tonight, at 18:00 PM (Dutch time)/10 AM PDT, Sony’s conference starts, which can be viewed over here. Rumor has it they’ll announce some games that haven’t been shown before.. Exciting! See you at the stream!

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Rocket League – CTB-review

Rocket League – CTB-review

Rocket League is an entertaining game. It requires some getting into, but after a few matches, you have the feel and can estimate where the ball lands and have a feel for the field. There are multiple modi, be them offline or online. You can play in duels (1 vs 1), doubles (2 vs 2), 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 (that one being insane, as there are eight cars chasing a ball). Offline has an exhibition mode and a season mode which allow you to start your dream as a Rocket League pro. Online has unranked and ranked matches, the ranked matches great for practicing against other players, generally a lot better than the AI. As soon as you start playing ranked matches, you have to brace yourself, because there are a lot of good players out there, but becoming better means you should have less trouble with owning them (you’ll even start trying tricks). Having a good, communicating team helps as well. The game also lets you customize your cars with different colours, stickers, wheels, boost types, and even hats and antennas (driving around with a sombrero and a flag is pretty funny). Besides these options, you can also view your (in-depth) stats and the stats of your friends. I often had matchmaking, lag, and connectivity problems, but with some patience, that’s okay. You’ll have the game up and running and joined a match rather fast, so that adds to the fun. I can be fanatical, which sometimes caused anger and irritation when I was losing (which didn’t happen very often, of course..) but that’s a personal issue. Playing with friends is great fun, especially when everybody wants to win. Overall a great game, but it does get a little boring when you’ve played multiple matches, even though there are enough different game types.


+ Lots of fun because it’s simple and gameplay is fast

+ Multiple game types, offline and online

+ High replay value, stays fun


– Connectivity issues

– Having a bad, not communicating team influences the whole game

– Gets boring after playing multiple matches

Rocket Leagues scores a..

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6 tips to become a better Star Wars Battlefront player

6 tips to become a better Star Wars Battlefront player

The Battlefront beta is over and EA published statistics of how many people have played it: over 9 million. That’s a gigantic number. When I started playing the beta, things were new for me and I had to learn the gameplay mechanics; strategic ways to play, the maps and how to take advantage of them. After playing more and more matches, I noticed some things which not only helped me in becoming a better player, but also had me enjoying the game more. In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips which you can apply when the game is released on the 17th of November (19 in Europe).

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