I think almost every writer is fond of advice others give them and tips that are available (at least I am). Because tips and advice can give insights in your own writing, help you get unstuck or provide you with new ways of thinking, they can be very useful. However, not every tip or piece of advice is usable and you don’t have to agree with or accept everything you’ll hear or read, it’s all up to you. That doesn’t inhibit me from sharing some tips and advice with you.

Side note: I’m not a successful writer or author that has tons of experience. I’m just a noob starting out. I do, however, have a working pair of brains (I think) and have encountered many tips and pieces of advice that I found useful in my own writing and practice.

This is writing tip #1, the first post of (hopefully) many posts in which I’ll be giving you a tip or piece of advice that I found useful and which you could also apply to your writing.

Don’t just stick to the first idea you get and not every idea you get is good.

More than that; a lot of people talk about “killing your darlings” which means that you might’ve gotten an idea that, in your opinion, sounds great or you’re writing a story and you came up with a cool character or a nice plottwist, but getting rid of them is sometimes advisable. While you’re so fixated on the cool idea you have, you don’t want to hear others say “it kinda sucks.” It can be hard to do, but getting rid of ideas you thought were neat is sometimes the best to do, to lose your tunnel vision and come up with even better ideas.

You can get a lot of ideas, but not every idea is good. Filter them to just one or a few ideas. Quantity isn’t the same as quality; keep that in mind.


I hope this is of some aid in your writing adventure(s)!


As always; have a jolly day!

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